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AI App Works – Building the Blocks you need for your Blockchain!


When: January 24, 2019

Where: 100 Van Ness

What: Welcome to the world of Bhupinder Shergill. With 20 years of experience in technology, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship, Bhupinder has seen a lot. During a ranging interview, we ask the question – what is it that the world would be like if your dev team was also an investor. What would that mean for your startup? How can this change the way that Blockchain businesses get moving? Bhupinder and his company AI App Works are all about it!

Podcast #: PodCast 2019-006


AI App Works is a dynamic group of experienced and talented individuals working with the plethora of latest technologies to offer exceptional solutions to satisfy the business requirements of the clients and improve their workflow as well. We deliver a diverse range of services including AI & Machine Learning, Blockchain Development, Internet of Things, Business Automation, Geospatial Analysis, and Cloud Computing.

Bhupinder Shergill is a talented leader, visionary and builder of technology over many years in Silicon Valley. He and his business partners are skating to the puck of what’s next in founder funding and technology development.

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