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BigControls – the world of financial incentives and how your company can maximize yours!


When: January 24, 2019

Where: BigControls, Sausalito

What: Did you ever wonder how companies like Amazon decide to put an HQ in one place vs. another? Welcome to corporate finance and RegTech. When business form relationships with cities and states, there are often financial incentives to bring jobs and opportunity by deploying capital, acquiring land, building an HQ or other activities. To motivate this behavior, governments provide a variety of incentives. Scott Nelson has lived & breathed this world and has now brought his experience to building RegTech on blockchain, optimizing financial outcomes for companies and creating better relationships between companies and governments. Check out this lively podcast on where BigControls and Scott are headed!

Podcast #: PodCast 2019-007


BigControls is a permissioned blockchain platform providing complete transparency & seamless compliance for the tax credit & incentive obligations between corporations & government agencies. By leveraging smart contracts, our blockchain automates regulatory compliance for these incentives while providing real time, actionable intelligence for corporate finance leaders & ROI metrics for the government jurisdictions who provide them.

Scott Nelson is a speaker, entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, innovator, government affairs/public policy advocate. He is currently pioneering the world’s first permissioned blockchain for economic development incentives, combining RegTech & GovTech. To quote Scott: “either innovate or get out of the way.”

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