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CoinGenius – Putting the Genius in your Crypto Investment Strategy


When: January 11, 2019

Where: Block Connect – SF

What: What an opportunity. At Block Connect, there were amazing speakers and frankly an amazing audience. BloxNexus was fortunate to stumble upon Tim Bogert from Genius XV who are building CoinGenius. Have you ever thought about whether you could trade like the big guys on Wall Street? Well, CoinGenius is here to help! The team is bringing great algorithmic trading tools and quantitative analysis to put us on an even footing with the whales in the market. Tune in to hear more and learn how CoinGenius is going to get us there!

Podcast #: PodCast 2019-002

About: is the Crypto Industry’s most advanced “Market Intelligence” Platform. 360° sentiment analysis, AI-based scoring systems, advanced forecasting models, and high-quality data feeds, all in one platform.

Genius XV is the creator of CoinGenius, Advanced Market Intelligence for Crypto and Other Alternative Investments, Advanced Sentiment Analysis, Deep Fraud Detection and Real-Time Alerts.

Tim Bogert is a highly skilled, multifaceted business development, sales, and project management professional. His diverse background includes Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Telecom, Renewable Energy, Gas & Electric Aggregation, and Entrepreneurship.

Tim is a certified Blockchain & Cryptocurrency expert with certifications from the Blockchain Council. He is an avid cryptocurrency investor, trader, enthusiast and educator as well as experienced in traditional investing and options trading.  

Tim has a passion for disruptive technologies and the desire to communicate them to the masses to improve people’s lives. Tim brings a unique, energetic and hands-on approach to simplifying the complicated and providing customers, from novice to C Level Professionals, with the solutions, knowledge and clarity they need to understand, embrace and be involved in this hi-tech world.

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