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Hilo – putting the know in Crypto – join Hilo and join the future of money!


When: January 14, 2019

Where: Marriott Marquis

What: Hilo comes to the world of Cryptocurrency with a deep recognition that not everyone really gets the hows, whys, wheres and whats about this new form of money! Have your friends and family stared at you like you were crazy when you talked about Bitcoin? Do you hear one person after another talk about how crypto is a Ponzi scheme? Hilo is here to provide that on-ramp where people can get a clear understanding and participate in this new economy in a fun and interesting way, socializing with their friends, making new ones, and, hey, even earning some tokens along the way!

Podcast #: PodCast 2019-005


Hilo is a Social Network for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers where you can research, follow along, and interact with friends and influencers. On the Hilo platform your sensitive data will be owned and controlled by you.

Monica Puchner is the CEO of, a social network for cryptocurrency traders, newbies and enthusiasts. Monica has been an entrepreneur in tech for 15 years, is an active advisor, speaker, SF CNBC crypto contributor and crypto advocate; she has been teaching all things crypto/blockchain/Bitcoin for the last 3 years. Entering cryptocurrency was hard and we’re on a mission to change that. (+lets find a replacement for the word ‘crypto’ shall we?). Monica is passionate about consumer products in emerging tech and music!

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