Bitcoin, Blockchain Future, Blockchain Use Case, Decentralized Internet, Human Rights, Open Societies, April 16, 2019

Human Rights Foundation – Promoting and Protecting Rights Globally – The Bitcoin Impact


When: March 19, 2019

Where: Node Worldwide

What: Going deep on Human Rights. Check out the thoughts of Alex Gladstein as we dig at the sheer global humanitarian impact of Bitcoin. The mysterious Satoshi would be proud to see how passionate people across the globe are leveraging Bitcoin as a means of breaking down closed societies, the use of financial tools as a means of human control and more. In a wide & ranging discussion – get to know Alex, the HRF and what Bitcoin means to this massive global challenge of protecting human rights.

Podcast #: PodCast 2019-012


Human Rights Foundation is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that promotes and protects human rights globally, with a focus on closed societies. “We believe that all human beings are entitled to freedom of self-determination, freedom from tyranny, the rights to speak freely, to associate with those of like mind, and to leave and enter their countries. Individuals in a free society must be accorded equal treatment and due process under law, and must have the opportunity to participate in the governments of their countries; HRF’s ideals likewise find expression in the conviction that all human beings have the right to be free from arbitrary detainment or exile and from interference and coercion in matters of conscience.”

Alex Gladstein is Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation. He has also served as Vice President of Strategy for the Oslo Freedom Forum since its inception in 2009. In his work Alex has connected hundreds of dissidents and civil society groups with business leaders, technologists, journalists, philanthropists, policymakers, and artists to promote free and open societies.

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