Blockchain Future, Blockchain Use Case, Legal Profession, LegalTech, Reputation Networks, March 8, 2019

Legal.IO – Legal Referrals, Reputation Markets, and Reinventing the Legal Industry!


When: February 14, 2019

Where: Starfish Mission

What: Law. Lawyers. Legal Issues. Legality… That’s a lot of Ls – and then blockchain shows up. And Reputation Networks. And … Pieter brings us a an exceptionally innovative approach toward the future of the legal profession. So let’s ask a question – do you feel absolute confidence in your lawyer? Do you feel a vague sense of unease about your lawyer? Do you feel absolute terror about your lawyer? Do you feel the same fear of making the wrong decision about your lawyer that you feel about making a decision to hire an auto mechanic? Where to begin. What if you knew exactly what each legal professional’s reputation was and how long they have been practicing and whether you are paying the right price for the right service? That would be amazing! That’s Legal.IO – Ahhhhhmazzzing!

Podcast #: PodCast 2019-009


Legal.IO provides marketplace technology to a global ecosystem of law firms and legal referral networks addressing a $600B legal industry, so they can coordinate talent, services and workflow 10x better than current methods.

Pieter Gunst is co-founder and CEO of He worked in Brussels as a tech lawyer at DLA Piper and studied at Stanford Law. Pieter is passionate about leveraging technology to improve access to the legal system. He is on a mission toencode legal access worldwide.

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