Banking, Banking the Unbanked, Blockchain For Good, Blockchain Use Case, FinTech, Fractional Ownership, Gold Standard, February 27, 2019

Pineapple World – Freemium Banking, Gold, Mobile Minutes, Fractional Ownership, Oh My!


When: February 5, 2019

Where: Starfish Mission

What: Banking. Kind of stodgy. A bit formal. Frequently slow to evolve. This is what we all think about our banks. Frankly – we rely upon this. They are always there, they don’t change a lot and we can put our cash in an account to save it without using our mattress at home. Great.

But – what if something different happened? What if your bank would give you loans at without fees. What if your mobile minutes were involved. What if Gold was involved. What if you got to own some of the bank? Tune in to BloxNexus as we speak to Babar Yousuf and dive down the rabbit hole about this new version of a very old industry. Join us for a deep dive into Pineapple World and get to know what this visionary founder is doing to bank the unbanked. Blockchain? Check. Fractionalized Assets? Check. Disruptive Innovation? Definitely!

Podcast #: PodCast 2019-008


Pineapple World enables assets, services or infrastructure to be fractionalized and transferable between 2 billion mobile users in 160 countries across 600 telecom networks.

Babar Yousuf is a microfinance banking practitioner and innovator at He previously built award winning mobile microfinance with Telenor Bank, to introduce financial inclusion to 180 million unbanked and was invited to present achievements at the United Nations.

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