Blockchain Future, Blockchain Use Case, Blocktopia, Cryptopia, Decentralized Internet, January 7, 2019

Decentralized Internet using Blockchain (Thank You Blockchain!) with Greg Osuri of Overclock Labs & Akash Network


When: January 4, 2019

Where: Node Worldwide – SF

What: Welcome to 2019! Kicking off the new year, BloxNexus had the privilege to speak with the founder of the real live Pied Piper of Silicon Valley’s most recent season. Life imitates art they say – so Stewart & John-Michael talked with Greg Osuri about the future of the cloud, the internet, Asteroid mining and more! Come join us for this tour de force discussion of what comes next and where Akash Network is headed to take us there!

Sponsored by: Node

Podcast #: PodCast 2019-001


Akash Network is an open and decentralized computing marketplace to reduce cloud costs up to 90%, powered by blockchain.

Overclock Labs is a developer of protocols, tools, and infrastructure to make foundational elements of the internet open, decentralized and secure.

Greg Osuri is an Entrepreneur, Citizen, and Optimist. He admits to being a Distributed Systems Nerd as well in his spare time.

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